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Shihan Peter Allen 7th Dan

USKA United Styles Karate Academy Shihan Peter Allen 7th Dan



Shukokai Karate 6th Dan

  • AMA Vice President
  • AMA General Secretary
  • AMA HonTreasurer
  • AMA Technical and Executive Committee Member
  • AMA National Karate Head Coach
  • AMA Lead Coaching Officer & Assessor
  • AMA Northern Representative
  • AMA Competition Organiser ( also BKF and EKF competition organiser)


 Peter Allen Karate 7th Dan

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Born in December 1956, at the tender age of 15yrs I joined the Royal Navy as a Jnr Seaman. My PTI Instructor attracted me to the Karate & the Martial Arts while serving at HMS Raleigh in Plymouth. After trying many styles such as Jujitsu, Judo, Aikido, Kenpo and Shotokan, I started to train in Shukokai karate in the late 70s and have stayed with this style ever since, I also train in Shitoryu Kata, and study all the 4 main world karate kata styles. In the early 80s I joined the AKA, which is now the AMA, and have been with them for the last 28 years.

I’m currently the AMA National Karate Team Manager, a post I have held since 1990, I also hold positions as Vice President, Treasurer, Northwest Representative, Technical Committee, and Executive member and the AMA National Coaching Officer of which I hold City and Guilds, D32 and D33. I use these qualifications to assess would-be Instructors on behalf of the AMA. I’m also a member of the National Coaching Foundation. My most recent appointment is President of the World Bugo-Budo Federation ( WBBF) and the current EKF and BKF competition organiser.

I am very active on the competition scene, organising the AMA’’s International, National and Regional Championships which I have done for 19yrs. In 2000 I organised the 1ST EKGB Northern Championships, and there after the EKGB Snr & Jnr National championships until November 2005 when Karate England became the governing body this role I carried on into 2006 with Karate England. Since then I have the honour of being the competition organiser for the ‘New’ Governing body for Karate which is the EKF, most recently I’ve been appointed as the BKF organiser for their championships, for a short time I was active as a referee, achieving association referee rank, which since I have reactivated gaining AMA association referee, which I used to referee at the World Budo Nord Open Karate Cup. I was honoured to be asked to help co-organise the 2nd Commonwealth Karate Championships in Manchester 2003.

In my early days I was National Kata and Kumite champion on many occasions with the AMA. I won the Gold medal in Kumite in 1989 at the EKB Championships (Luton), which latter amalgamated with the EKC to form the EKGB, of which I have supported since its formation. My most recent endeavours was a few years ago in Sweden, I won Gold medals in mixed team kumite and veterans team kumite along with a veterans bronze in the kata.In 2005. In 2004 I won Gold in the Masters Kata in the Budo Nord Open in Eslov Sweden. I won gold in the kata in 1999 at the International Championships in Nottingham, I again won gold in Kumite and a silver in Kata at the Scandinavian Karate International in Sweden in 1999.

I have trained many English and British Champions of which my group USKA gained 4 British Champions at the 2008 BKF championships, I have also coached the AMA squad to many honours at home and in Europe, over the last 18yrs.

Among my success’s as squad manager, was that the AMA Squad won the British Jnr Championships in June 2005. and most recently won 7 Gold 2 Silver and 19 bronze medals at the 2008 BKF championships which was the highest haul by an English association that entered.

In 2004 I gained my Rokudan in Shukokai. I train and operate traditional values and to date still practise the same. After 35 years I’m still open-minded to all Martial Arts training and study a wide section of cross training which includes Kobudo.

In 2001 I was appointed to the EKGB Management Board and went through 3 elections, I felt very proud to be asked to help with karate in England and the UK. I was elected in November 2005 to the New Karate England Board by the council. I said I would do my uppermost not to let the people down who showed faith and trust in my appointment. However during my time as the then elected Vice President of Karate England by the Board, I did resign due to differences of opinions with that board.

I have since opened a full time dojo in Bury which is open 7 days a week, this with my AMA duties and organising championships takes up most of my time.

I am married and have two sons, one at 29yrs and the other at 25yrs. Both are black belts, I also have a granddaughter who at present rules my life.

My social activities and Hobbies outside Martial arts include: Open Water Diving ( PADI ) Football, Swimming and the Movies.

National and Local Honours: ‘Sportsman of the Year’ in 1994 for Bury Metro Area and also in ‘The Combat hall of fame’.